Glass Water Features


Glass and water seem to go hand in hand. Both are clear, pure and elegant. With the help of Žaliasis tropikalis, you can have a glass water feature built for your site and installed to create the elegant, stylish look you want. If your facility or home needs a water feature to complete the look, consider a glass water feature wall, fountain or waterfall from Žaliasis tropikalis.

Benefits of Glass Water Features

When you install an indoor glass waterfall or glass wall fountain in your space, you instantly upgrade the overall look and feel of your facility or home. That is because water features add a sense of elegance and tranquility to any space. When that water feature is made from glass, you enjoy a stylish addition to your space. Glass is durable and versatile, and with Žaliasis tropikalis expert design team, glass water features can easily match your existing decor. The clear nature of glass creates an open look that is perfect for any decorating style. Natural light easily passes through the glass water feature, so you can keep your space bright and inviting. If you wish, you can add colored lighting to a glass water feature wall. The clear glass will allow the brilliant lights to shine through it. Vary the look by changing the color or brightness of the light whenever you wish. A glass wall fountain or water feature brings many benefits to your space. Working with Žaliasis tropikalis ensures your glass water fountain is beautiful and custom-designed for your home, office, medical facility, hotel, convention center or another site.

Exciting Possibilities

At Žaliasis tropikalis, we make all of our water features in-house. If the glass is your material of choice, we will incorporate it into the design. Our glass water features include: Indoor glass waterfalls, Glass wall fountains, Glass water feature walls, Glass water fountains, Glass bubble tubes Our designers and craftsmen are quite skilled at transforming your basic idea into a working glass and water design, so talk to us today to discuss your goals.

Why Žaliasis tropikalis?

Žaliasis tropikalis is the company that pioneered many advances in the indoor water feature market. Since 1996, we have been fabricating and designing beautiful water features for hotels, casinos, doctors’ offices, office buildings, retail locations and even luxury homes all over the world. Our maintenance-free water walls and bubble tubes give you the benefits of a glass water feature without the maintenance of an aquarium. Thus, allowing you to benefit your customers and clients without added stress on your plate. We handle every aspect of our process because we control the entire process, the result is a beautiful and functional water feature that you will be proud to own. Is a glass water feature what you need to transform your space? Žaliasis tropikalis makes it easy. Contact us to start designing and building your custom water feature today.

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