The buyer’s choice of products is usually delivered within 2 to 7 business days.
If there is no product at this time, usually, the production process is planned immediately after you place an order.

The average production time is 2-3 weeks. The finished product is shipped on the routes of the best carrier.
In some cases, due to the lower weight of the product, we send through via UPS, DHL (7-14 days, depending on location), and ship larger, heavier products through couriers.
Free shipping is valid only for orders placed through the website, in the Vilnius and promotional products.

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Custom Water Features

Our indoor waterfall fountain designs and products can be found in buildings throughout the world, with installations in over 75 countries.

We created a line of sealed water walls, bubble tubes, and bubble walls. These fully contained systems require no regular maintenance, so you can enjoy a water feature without additional work. A no-maintenance water feature is one that has been completely sealed and enclosed so that all the water is contained on the inside and none can escape, and no contaminants from the outside can get in. The sealed water feature design is combined with our proprietary closed-loop pump system, which recycles the water while keeping it completely enclosed. The result is a no-maintenance water feature solution! Our fully sealed and contained systems include bubble walls, bubble tubes, and water walls. All of these enhance the look and ambiance of a water feature, without putting additional work on your maintenance team. See examples of our sealed water features in our online gallery, and decide if this is the right option for your facility.

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