About Us

Žaliasis tropikalis is proud of being over a 24-year-old business, which has pioneered bringing design and innovation across the aquariums, aqua falls, water bubble walls and water feature industries. Žaliasis tropikalis has continued to evolve bringing new designs and processes to life.

Our techniques and methods have allowed these unique pieces of aqua art waterfalls, bubble and relaxation walls to fit seamlessly into both large and small businesses and homes, working with some of the premier companies across hospitality, healthcare, and architectural design. Our works of art to carry out the projects are the pride, quality and craftsmanship proof.

Mission. Our creative activity is aimed at making people’s lives more interesting and meaningful

VisionCreate water functional innovations and meet the needs of the most demanding customers


Our Story

Imagine a beautiful aquarium but without fish

That was the inspiration for our creating the first indoor waterfall and bubble wall. And in many ways, the invention grew out of necessity. Founded in 1996, our business grew out of servicing fish tanks in doctors’ and business offices.

The problem: while the doctors appreciated the visual interest and relaxing effects the tanks brought to their offices, they didn’t appreciate the maintenance required to keep the aquarium clean and stocked with healthy fish.

So, we redesigned the water features to keep the aspects they liked while removing the labor they didn’t.

Therefore, we created water walls, bubble walls, bubble tubes, aquariums, rain curtains, water fountains, water-based trade show displays, reflection pools, fountains and other, mostly water features.

Our installations make people stop, look, think, and relax as well as help them feel more relaxed, successful, and optimistic. We specialize in designing and fabricating beautiful indoor water features for many industries including hospitality and healthcare. Our team of craftsman and designers is highly experienced working with stainless steel, copper, and other metals as well as acrylic, glass, stone, tile, slate, granite, and other materials.

Our water features are found in both large and small businesses as well as in hotels, resorts, healthcare facilities, spas, restaurants, casinos, offices and private residences around the world.

Contact us today to get started on your project. Would you like an aquarium, a Bubble Wall or a waterfall? which will create exclusivity, luxury and an attraction in your space.

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