Acrylic aquariums, Water Walls, Bubble Walls, Rain Curtains

Can you clean the aquarium, a water product?

We can do this even if you did not buy the product from us. Call us tel. +370 698 23882 or write by email

Who will take care of the fishes if we leave for a vacation?

We can install an automatic fish feeder or You can leave the person in charge who we will be instructing. We can also take care of it.

How can I clean my aquarium or water product?

Each product comes with instructions and helpful tips for maintenance.

How much does product maintenance-service cost?

The price depends on the product model, capacity, shape, flora and fauna as well as your requirements.

How can I order you?

Read "how to buy?" If you have any questions, please call tel. +370 698 23882 or write by email

Does the product need electricity, water and sewage?

Electricity is needed, water, sewage is not necessary, if there are technical possibilities, it would be advantageous to connect to them.

How long will you manufacture?

Available water products are delivered within 2 - 7 business days, individual (special products) for 2-2,5 months, depending on the region. See "delivery"

Can you deliver to another city, country?

Yes. We can deliver products through courier service or logistics companies.

Can you produce a water product of such dimensions, shape, design and color?

We can, if you specify the desired dimensions.

Where can I see?

You can see the products in our decorated interiors (objects), Please write the category name.

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