Feedback aquarium, water wall, bubble wall, rain curtains

Thanks for the quality of work and pleasant service. We are glad to have beauty and care services. We look forward to continuing to work with you


Company Medical Projects Administrator

For more than 11 years now, we are delighted with company Zaliasis tropikalis, with a well-equipped and maintained aquarium, who returns our home. This company and its representatives guarantee the best possible result, who will be happy for decades.

Irena Šukevičienė

Tibetan bowls massage

We would like to thank the co-operation and the decoration of the interior of our clinic for the aquarium and the water bubble wall, which are very pleasing to our patients visiting us. For over 11 years, we have water products that delight our customers and make our interior beauty. This proves that Žaliasis tropikalis provides high-quality products and services in this area. When it comes to renewal of the interior, we will continue to use Žaliasis tropikalis.

Nijolė Bartaškienė

Deputy Director General GK CLINIC

Thank you for long-term and prompt service, polite communication. The product is beautiful more 20 years and well-timed to enjoy it and expect further cooperation

Jonas Šipaila

Head of Company Business processes and accounting

For over 24 years, we are delighted with the company Zaliasis tropikalis product and thank you for the pleasant and prompt service and long-term cooperation, your service reflects the price/quality ratio, which we continue to expect.

Vytautas Petrauskas

Head of Company Target Market

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