Wire Mesh Water Features


There’s nothing quite like the beauty of a custom waterfall or indoor fountain to make a strong aesthetic statement — especially when that water feature is made with wire mesh. As calming as it is functional, a mesh water feature creates an impressive and eye-catching focal point for a site. It boasts beauty in a professional, polished package. If you’re interested in creating a mesh water wall or fountain at your location, talk to us at Žaliasis tropikalis. We’re able to create custom water features in–house, using top–quality products and the finest materials. With a wire mesh water feature, you gain enhanced aesthetics and eye-catching originality. What’s more, by working with Žaliasis tropikalis, you know you’re getting a mesh waterfall or other mesh water feature that you’ll love.

The Value of a Wire Mesh Water Wall

What’s great about using wire mesh in water wall is the possibilities it creates for you. Maybe you want a mesh water wall in your courtyard to have a showpiece with calming ambiance. Perhaps you’re interested in the kind of mesh waterfall that can fit your modern landscape design. A mesh water feature offers a beautiful, functional solution with wire mesh that can be cut to size, welded, formed and framed to your needs. With that in mind, at Zaliasis tropikalis, we get to know you and your space, so we can create the kind of water feature that works best to unify and add beauty to your location. Tell us what you are hoping to create and let our design team craft something perfect for you.

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