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Our first priority is to provide each customer with the best service, design support, and fabrications in the industry — helping our clients transform ideas into statement pieces of flowing water. When working with Žaliasis tropikalis, you can expect the best.

Choreographed Light, Color, and Motion

Having installed custom water features for some of the world’s most exclusive clubs, we have developed optional upgrades including integrated systems that combine, lighting, water flow, airflow, music and more with a few of our water feature products.

Award-Winning Design Support

Our award-winning design team works closely with architects and designers, utilizing the latest in AutoCAD and 3D modeling in order to create plans and renderings that better visualize exactly how our water feature with work within the overall property. Our design team has experience creating custom water features out of acrylic, glass, steel, and stone – designs that are functional, reliable, and spectacular.

A Complete Budget Analysis & Design Options

Clients often come to us wanting to add a water feature to their indoor environment but limited by a tight budget. We have various options to provide the desired visual impact from a given water feature. To start our design process, we conduct a budget analysis and then work figure out how to ensure your ideas become reality by presenting you with range options that could lower the initial cost as well as the long-term costs.

Automatic & Worry Free

Every one of our custom water features is designed to provide worry-free performance with very little or no maintenance when installed and operated as recommended. Our fully-enclosed water features are designed to be just that—fully enclosed – preventing guests from touching the water. Our open water features are designed with our exclusive purification systems to automatically provide continuous sterilization of the recirculated water within the water feature with no human interaction. Our uniquely designed auto-fill systems can automatically refill various water features as needed. It’s all part of our commitment to excellence. Ask about these options with your next water feature installation.

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