Plasma disc

Plasma plate responds to touch, voice, and music. Features sound - sensitivity for the ultimate audio-visual experience

Plasma plate responds to touch, voice, and music. Features sound - sensitivity for the ultimate audio-visual experience.

Colors: Blue, Sunburst, Green, Magenta.

Sound sensitivity and Light intensity control.

Plates diameter 30,48 cm and 40,64 cm. AC Adapter 220 ≈ 12 V included

Plasma lightning disc is suitable for waterfalls, bubble walls

Bubble Walls Water Panels

Have you wished for the addition of a water feature to your space, but found yourself dreading the maintenance that comes with it? Are you interested in embracing the calming, creative nature of a fish tank or water fountain, but know that you do not have the ability to manage to care for it? If so, then create interest and add ambiance to your lobby, home, clinic, restaurant, retail store or more with Water Panel™ bubble walls. These captivating water features have mesmerizing dancing bubbles inside that flow and change, creating an ever-moving work of art that is the perfect focal point for your facility. With the help of Zaliasis tropikalis, you can have a custom Water Panel bubble wall fountain that will dress up your space and make it look more inviting and attractive.

Fully Enclosed Bubble Walls Water Walls

Žaliasis tropikalis offers custom-built, fully enclosed Bubble Wall systems that require minimal maintenance to offer a beautiful water feature to your home. These bubble walls can include LED lighting, shaped glass, and other features to make each one a unique piece of art and a true statement for your space. The bubbles trapped inside the acrylic panels will dance and flow, creating movement and adding life to your space, all without undue and unwanted maintenance. Because Žaliasis tropikalis makes these in-house – including everything from the initial design to the final installation handled by our experienced team – you can have something that fits your image perfectly. We have designed, built and installed bubble walls of all sizes, including designs that were more than 100 feet long, with curved or serpentine structures, and measuring up to 30 feet high. In reality, with the help of our highly skilled team, your Water Panel bubble wall is only limited by your imagination.