Square Aquarium



PC-1 Square Stand 12″ x 12″ x 32″ H. Stands are a perfect complement for AquaScape and AquaVision line of aquariums

Our Pedestals and Stands are a perfect complement for our AquaScape and AquaVision line of aquariums. Constructed from durable black acrylic, they are available in octagon, square, rectangular and hourglass designs.
PC-1 Square Stand
Product details: 12″ x 12″ x 32″ H
Weight: 33.00 LBS

AR-600 AquaRound Aquarium

This aquarium has a traditional tabletop aquarium style with a unique octagon shape that takes on a visual effect that magnifies the aquarium life that this tank holds. The tank is viewable from every angle for maximum viewing capacity. This simple and elegant design makes this unit very versatile. It takes up minimal space and is perfect for any home or office for hours of enjoyment. This tank is ideal for tabletops and desks. It is made out of durable cell cast acrylic which has more clarity and is over ten times stronger than glass. It is nearly maintenance-free and perfect whether you have owned an aquarium before or want to own your first aquarium.

Weight: 21.00 LBS

Product Details

AR-600 AquaRound

12 1/4 " x 12 1/4 " x 21 1/2 " H

8 Gallon Style

Product Includes:

1 Set of Artificial Plant Decorations

1 Clear Acrylic Tank

1 Header with Feeding Hole

1 Air Pump, Airline Tubing, and Check Valve

1 Fluorescent Light Fixture

1 Undergravel Filter

1 Bag of Gravel

Recommended with: 

PC-1 and HO-1 Stand (sold separately)