This freestanding aquarium captures the essence of aquatic life by the unique and classy double dome display. It can be placed

This freestanding aquarium captures the essence of aquatic life by the unique and classy double dome display. It can be placed to partition off a room or be displayed as a decorative accent piece. The dome aquarium gives a magnification effect on the aquatic life when the aquarium is filled with water making a double bubble effect. It lets the viewer observe the aquatic life in style with its non-traditional shape. Make a statement with the sleek and unique design of the aqua vision aquarium. It is perfect for an office or home environment and can be added to any decor with its classic style. It is handcrafted with cell cast acrylic which is over ten times stronger and has more clarity than glass.

Product Details

C-40DB AquaVision

Double Dome Aquarium

Includes two 20 " Full Domes

24 " x 24 " x 60 " H

45 Gallon Style

Weight: 125.00 LBS

Product Includes:

2 Clear Acrylic Domes

1 Header Unit

1 Header Cap with Fluorescent Light Fixture

1 Base Unit with Accessory Cabinet

1 Undergravel Filter

1 Outside Power Filter

1 Air Pump with Airline Tubing

1 Set of Check Valves


Deluxe Decor

Flat Dome Feature

Aquarium Species

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Made at the factory, they look like original artistic masterpieces: elegant, sleek, latest designs.

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